Why is Bogle Park popular for photography?

_MG_8934I was recently asked this very question, why is Bogle Park a great place for photography? As a photographer I have several reasons for loving Bogle Park. First, if you are looking for location photography that is blessed with color in the Bentonville area then this is the place for you. The grounds are privately owned, well maintained throughout the year and open to the public.  Morning and late afternoon works well for lighting when shooting in this location but I’ve even held a shoot at noon and was able to pull it off.

Secondly, it is a large enough area that allows for children to run around while having a fun photo shoot but small enough to keep them contained to one area.  The grounds include park benches, paths, gazebo, trees, flowers, and beautiful green grass. You can have a photo shoot and come out with a variety of poses and background color and textures without walking and relocating to another location spot.

Another fantastic feature is that when you arrive at this location it makes you happy and peaceful which of course makes for great photos.

Here is a casual, relaxed photo from Bogle with beautiful creamy color in the back with a gorgeous teenager featured as the subject.


Here is an example of beautiful back lighting the sun can help you achieve to make for a lovely photo.

Families have many options for beautiful images.




When is the best time to photograph at Bogle?

My favorite time to photograph at Bogle is April through September but another great thing about Bogle is that you could take photos there all year. The park is busiest on weekends for photography so I try to schedule shoots during the week in the spring for early evenings when clients are available. Contact us if you want to schedule your photos at this amazing location.