2 Unique Holiday Card Ideas for this Christmas

I love designing our family holiday card each year. Sometimes I will go through two or three different designs before deciding on one.

Holiday card #1: Word Cloud with pictures

I came up with an unique and fun idea for a card this year and wanted to share! I would love to see someone else use this idea in their family card.

My new idea for a Christmas card this year is using a word cloud. I love word clouds and they are super easy to use at www.wordle.net. It’s a fun and easy way to share features from your year without writing a full letter.

The next step is to surround the word cloud with pictures to really tell the story. Even if you didn’t have time or money to hire a professional photographer you can use some of your favorite pictures from throughout the year. For this example, I simply chose some of my favorite pictures from Facebook.

A picture card with a word cloud is one of two unique ways to create a holiday card for your family.


Holiday card #2: Word design in lieu of a letter

We went years including a holiday letter in our card. We no longer write an entire letter but I like to find ways to feature highlights. One year, I used the design below for the back of our card in lieu of a letter.

Tired of writing a long letter to include in your Christmas card? Here is one of two ideas in this blog that shares unique ways to design your holiday card.

Have fun with your holiday card and see it as a time to get creative and share a sentiment with your friends and family and not a chore. I like to incorporate our family’s personality as a keepsake for myself.  Let us know if you have unique ideas!