Tips on preparing for your Northwest Arkansas headshot session

Happy New Year! With 2019 in full swing, new opportunities are always arising. Are you preparing to apply for a new job or maybe just want an updated headshot? I get asked a lot of questions about how to prepare for a professional headshot photo session so I thought I would make it easy by providing tips all in one place.

7 Tips for preparing for your headshot session

Use makeup lightly

Because headshots are close-up photos, you want to be careful when applying your makeup. To ensure your makeup does not look too heavy, apply it a little lighter than you normally do. Blend your blush and eye makeup well and be extra careful when applying eyeliner.

Bring an oil blotter

To reduce shine in your photos, use lightweight powder or have an extra oil blotter on hand during the shoot. Remember, when using a blotter, dab don’t wipe!

Avoid sunglasses

Sunglasses often leave those little marks on the side of your nose. Avoid wearing sunglasses before the shoot as the marks will not look good in the picture.

Wear freshly pressed clothes

The goal of headshots is to look professional and put together. Make sure you iron your clothes so you look on-point during your session!

Wear form-fitting clothes

I can make minor edits on your pictures, including skin touchups and teeth whitening, but I can’t do major edits like making your weight look different.

Wear formfitting clothes that you feel comfortable and good in. The less baggy your clothes, the more professional and confident you will appear. The photographer will help you with flattering poses for your body shape.

Reschedule if sunburned

If you have a sunburn the day of the shoot, let the photographer know and reschedule your session. The redness will not photograph well, and you likely won’t be satisfied with your pictures. Sunburns are difficult, if not impossible, to edit out well.

Exfoliate your skin/hydrate your body

It might be a good idea to use an exfoliating face mask or cleanser before your shoot (yes, men can use these too!). This will help your face look fresh and clear. You may also want to apply lotion to give your body that hydrated and glowing look.

Are you ready to take the Northwest Arkansas business world by storm with a new headshot? I’d love to help you create the professional image you need. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.