Tips for your NWA holiday family portrait photo session

With fall in full bloom here in Northwest Arkansas, you should begin thinking about taking family photos for your annual Christmas card. Getting your family portrait done now gives you plenty of time to get the photos back, design your Christmas card, and get them mailed!

The tips below will help make sure you have a successful family portrait session.

Northwest Arkansas has many great locations for your family portrait photo session! You can capture the beauty of autumn yet keep the look appropriate for a holiday card.

What to wear…or not to wear

Consider what the weather will be like on the day of your shoot. Since it will most likely be chilly, you will probably be wearing a sweater or shirt with thicker fabric.

If you are worried about extra weight showing, avoid baggier clothing. You may think the baggier clothes hide what you don’t like, but it actually emphasizes it! Form-fitting clothing will help show your figure and will generally be more flattering. You may want to layer a jacket over your top as it will photograph well. The photographer will guide the poses to make each person look their best!

Wrinkles will show in the photos so check your clothing before heading out to your shoot. Don’t forget to check how your collar is laying as it will be noticeable in the close-ups. You will want to iron your clothes before you take your photos, so you look neat and professional.

A lint roller will help make sure your clothes look clean in your pictures. It would be a good idea to bring one to your session just in case. Also, do not wear sunglasses on the way to or during the shoot as it will leave noticeable marks on your nose.

Make-up and Editing

When it comes to the editing of your family portraits, you can expect skin touch-ups, teeth whitening, and anything distracting in the image like a flyaway hair.

As recommended before, wear form-fitting clothing as I will not be able to shave weight off anyone in the pictures. It is a good idea to try on your clothes ahead of time and take a photo with your cell phone, so you know how your outfit will appear in photos.

For those of you who wear makeup, lightweight powder will help you appear more natural in photos and will help minimize oiliness. You can also bring oil blotting products that will help if you suffer from extra oily skin (dab, don’t wipe!).

Set realistic expectations

Many parents wish their family portraits included everyone wearing matching clothes but as all parents know, sometimes kids just don’t want to cooperate! This family let their kids pick their own clothes and as you can see, the pictures still came out great with their individual personalities showing.

Everyone wants the Pinterest-perfect family portrait, but the reality is, the session doesn’t always go exactly how we want! Anything from cranky kids to not everyone in the family having the perfect expression, your family portraits may not be exactly perfect, but they will be something that shows your family’s personality. That’s what your friends and loved ones want!

They want to share in the joy of your family and capture these memories with you through Family portrait sessions are going fast, schedule yours now so you have them just in time for Christmas.

Thanksgiving is less than a month away and Christmas is soon after. Don’t wait until the holidays make life extra busy. Contact me today to schedule