Tips for capturing all your holiday memories

Can you believe that Christmas is next week? Northwest Arkansas is alive with celebrations from the parades to the various light displays. For me, the part about the holiday season is spending quality time with family and friends.

Whether you will be with people you see every day at work, or perhaps it’s loved ones you only get to see around the holidays, you want to make sure you capture all your great memories during this busy season. Taking pictures of items such as cards and other items that might easily cause clutter, will also help you cherish memories without the stress caused by the clutter.

I realize that many holiday events are already complete and that many of you may have already started taking pictures of trips to the Fayetteville Square or the Bentonville Square or even of the family fun of putting up your Christmas tree. But there are many more memories to cherish!

Holiday pictures to take now

A couple of years ago, I gave tips for getting the most out of your holiday party pictures. Those tips are still true and useful whether you still have an office party, Christmas gathering, or a New Year’s Eve party.

I also have shared tips for getting great shots of your holiday décor. The weather guys are saying it should clear up a little bit before it starts raining again, so take advantage of the time this week to snap pictures of your holiday decorations if you haven’t already.

A lot of gifts and cards are given during the holidays. If you aren’t set on keeping all the cards you get, you can take pictures of them and then throw out any to reduce clutter.


Getting pictures the day of the holiday

Pictures of the actual holiday festivities are often the most fun. Start snapping pictures as soon as you wake up but also don’t spend all your time behind the camera. Capture the memories, but then I hope you take the time to cherish the moments in person.

Take pictures of the tree and the ornaments. If you have a lot of people coming over, especially little kids, you may not want glass or breakable ornaments hanging up. You can take them down after the picture because now you have a forever memory of it.

Take pictures while everyone is opening gifts as these make for funny and candid photos. I always have a trash bag nearby to stuff the wrapping paper in as gifts are being opened. This will help you get good pictures without all the unnecessary stuff in the way. And, it makes for easy clean-up!

Don’t forget to take pictures of the food and the table set up before you eat, that way you can clear the table of any decorations or utensils that are not needed as soon as you’re done eating.

Finally, don’t focus on getting the “perfect” pictures. Capture the fun and lazy moments that come with the holidays. Sometimes the best memories are the little ones you didn’t think you would remember!

From my family to yours, I hope you have a blessed rest of your holiday season!