Tips for a successful NWA summer family portrait or headshot photoshoot


In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been pretty hot and muggy in Northwest Arkansas lately! And so far this year, we’ve had more problems with ticks than usual. These challenges are just part of what can complicate an otherwise lovely summertime outdoor family portrait photoshoot or even professional headshot photo session.

The great news is, you don’t need to cancel your photo session during a time that Northwest Arkansas is in full, beautiful bloom! Just follow these tips that will protect your family during a summer photo session.

Be aware

You need to be aware of what is at your location and even near the location. For example, is your photoshoot is in or near a wooded area or near even a small body of water? If so, you can expect more problems with bugs and potential allergens.

Another thing to be aware of is how long your session will be, so you know how long to prepare to be outside. Headshots or senior photos take less time than a family portrait session, for example.

Protect your body

It is likely you will need sunscreen. Make sure your entire family gets sufficient protection! Wear non-greasy sunblock that rubs in completely without leaving any kind of sheen or color. Also, keep in mind to use sunscreen in the days leading up to your session. A fun day at the pool that leads to a sunburn can make your photos not turn out as well.

I also recommend that you use bug spray for the entire family. Not only on your exposed skin, but around your pant legs to prevent ticks.

Remember I mentioned all the great foliage and wooded areas we have in Northwest Arkansas? Well, that can lead to allergies. Don’t wait until you arrive at the location to take medication. Take it in enough time for it to be in effect during the entirety of your session.

Finally, bring water for yourself and your entire family (including pets!). Hydration is vital for your health but also it will help keep you looking fresh for the photoshoot.

Good tips for any time of year

Outdoor photo sessions produce beautiful photos but as we’ve talked about, precautions are necessary to keep you and your family comfortable and safe. Here are a few tips for a successful outdoor photoshoot any time of year.

Know ahead of time how much walking will be involved. I highly recommend bringing a comfortable pair of shoes that you either wear the entire time or that you can easily change in and out of on location. The comfortable shoes are to make the trek from your car to your location as safe and comfortable as possible. After all, who wants to walk through a field in heels?

We’ve already talked about water for the entire family, including pets. But also bring your pets’ favorite toy to keep them occupied and it can help the photographer’s assistant get your pet to look at the camera.

Kids, pets and even adults can get a bit messy! Bring wet wipes to help clean up messes from spills to a runny nose.

Finally, do you have a toddler that is teething? Bring a bib that can be removed between photos. The bib will protect the outfit from dribbling slobber.

Schedule now!

It won’t be long before school is starting and the days are already getting shorter. Call me to schedule your photoshoot today!