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Northwest Arkansas photography studio is homey

  How many of you remember the days when it was popular to get your family photos taken at a national chain photography studio? You remember—the studio where the reception area was the same as any other business type and once you got inside the studio all the backdrops were the same, generating many photographs […]

Don’t let seasonal allergies ruin your professional photo shoot

    Did you know that seasonal allergies aren’t just for spring? If you’re a sufferer of seasonal allergies, you know this fact all too well. It seems like this fall has been especially bad for allergies, hasn’t it? Fall and spring are great times for photos because of the changing foliage and more pleasant […]

Props aren’t just for actors: 4 Tips for effective prop use in photo shoots

Did you ever act in a play in high school, even as an extra? The play had props that helped the actors tell the story. Otherwise, they would have been miming most of the plot. Not as effective, right? The same can be true for props in photo shoots. Props can help tell the story […]

10 Tips for getting great photos from your trips

My husband, kids and I recently went on a family vacation with my sisters and their families. It was the first time we went on vacation together since we were kids, crammed into a mid-size car with our parents heading across country to visit family. This time, we had a much shorter road trip to […]