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Portfolio post: Is your makeup appropriate for a LinkedIn headshot?

Linda Richards Photography Northwest Arkansas

A professional headshot is important for many reasons, including making your LinkedIn profile complete. We often talk discuss tips for what to wear for a professional headshot. Today, let’s focus on the best practices for makeup. Keep in mind that a professional headshot for LinkedIn needs to show your face and personality despite its small […]

Why you should get more than one style of professional headshot

Linda Richards Photography Northwest Arkansas

Professional headshots are a must-have in today’s business world but just like in life, there’s so much more to a photoshoot than just business. We talk a lot about having a professional photo for LinkedIn or business but having your image stand out on any social media platform is important. Business professionals need headshots for […]

Ready for a photo shoot? Here’s what to consider

As the fall temperatures cool down Northwest Arkansas, more people want to schedule their professional headshot, family portrait or their senior pictures. After all, who wants to be out in the hot summer humidity? And the fall colors are breathtaking. At Linda Richards Photography, we love helping our clients with the entire process from finding […]