Studio photography can be fun too

We use our studio primarily for headshots, seniors, maternity, and children photography. Most of our families like outdoor sessions because it gives us more freedom for creativity that incorporates the whole family in a variety of poses and backgrounds in a location that fits the family’s personality.

The biggest benefit in having a studio is the ability to control lighting. On location there are many variables involved and sun positioning, shade, clouds, along with other location challenges will create a need to reassess exposure, aperture and shutter speed frequently all while I’m working out the best image composition.

We love the ability to control lighting in a studio but we only recommend the studio when we feel it is most appropriate for the client’s needs. When weather is unpredictable or just too cold or too hot it is nice to have the option for indoor shoots. Truly some photography just can’t or shouldn’t be done outside. Without a studio my business would be very limited in my ability to service clients.

I want to highlight our studio and show examples of what we do. Most of our work in studio is weighted towards headshots with backgrounds in black, white, gray, navy, teal, pink, and a handful of patterns. The right use of lighting allows for adjusting the backgrounds so they are lighter or darker than the color appears to the eye. I do love my studio and eventually want to expand it for large set props.


We have fun backdrops to use with children.

Backdrop: Candy Shop

IsaacBackdrop: Turning One!

Sometimes you need a clean, simple statement image and the white backdrop becomes my favorite.


10x20 print collagev2

The studio is great for getting creative with lighting as well.





Booking a studio session doesn’t force you to avoid the outdoors-I have a woodsy property that works for clients who want to do both, outdoor and studio, in the same session. My maternity clients have benefited the most with this option but it helps with children who need to get out of the studio and run around too.

When you consider your photography session contact us to discuss whether our studio works best for your needs.