Rocket2Success empowers women



I recently had the privilege of taking headshots for the partners of a new woman-centered career counseling and coaching business, Rocket2Success. For me, taking these ladies’ headshots was a unique opportunity as one of the co-founders, Donna Feyen, is also my sister!

As a coaching and consulting company, Rocket2Success’ ultimate goal is to help women. Through webinars and other various teaching materials, co-founders Donna Feyen and Kay Lynn Suarez hope to inspire and help women.

So who are the women behind Rocket2Success?


Kay Lynn Suarez
Kay Lynn Suarez

Kay Lynn Suarez is a passionate IT Consultant, Life Coach, and Speaker who is based in Arkansas. Because she is a leader at heart, Kay’s mission is to empower female entrepreneurs to harness their limitless potential so they can thrive in the workplace and beyond. Ultimately, she strives to help women to get unstuck in life so they can start or continue paving the path to lasting success.


Donna Feyen
Donna Feyen

Donna Feyen is a dedicated Women’s Leadership Development Coach with many years of extensive hands-on expertise. With her motivational and uplifting approach, Donna guides women through the ins and outs of entrepreneurial success to create a happy, lucrative future. She also assists fellow businesswomen in removing any roadblocks that stand their way of the personal and professional fulfillment that they have always deserved. By the way, Donna is also my sister!


How does Rocket2Success help their clients?

When asked about the plan and focus for the company, Donna says that their “big thing is that we want to provide -women with actionable material. Not just something that works in theory.”

Each of the founding partners has different focuses and approaches to helping their clients. For instance, Kay’s main focus is on creating plans and templates to help women have repeatable processes to achieve their goals. Donna, on the other hand, is focused on helping women understand personality types and how to communicate with women to increase their influence.

“I want to help them be able to identify someone’s personality profile so that they know the best way to communicate with them and influence them,” Donna said when asked about her focus with Rocket2Success clients.

By providing the headshots for Donna and Kay, I had the opportunity to help a company devoted to empowering women. I believe that it is important to have the confidence and tools to enter any career, and it is also important to have the right headshot. In any business, it is a good idea to get both an individual headshot and a group shot of the partners.