Ready for a photo shoot? Here’s what to consider

_MG_8637As the fall temperatures cool down Northwest Arkansas, more people want to schedule their professional headshot, family portrait or their senior pictures. After all, who wants to be out in the hot summer humidity? And the fall colors are breathtaking.

At Linda Richards Photography, we love helping our clients with the entire process from finding the perfect time to schedule the photo shoot, to getting the best final results. We’re available on weekends and evenings, which is perfect for working adults with busy schedules.

Here are a few tips to consider when you decide to have that photo shoot.

Scheduling considerations for your photo shoot

For those getting a family portrait, you obviously need to keep in mind both the parents and children’s needs. When will the parent not be rushed? Is there a time of day that the children (especially the young ones!) are most cooperative? It’s always best to schedule at a time when you’re not worried about rushing from or to any other activities.

Lighting is vital for any photo shoot. Your photographer can advise on the best time for the location you choose.

Getting ready for your photo shoot


Getting ready for your photo shoot is more than just deciding what to wear (don’t forget to iron and dry clean your clothes).

Make sure to schedule the eyebrow wax (and lip if necessary) at least a couple days before the shoot. You want to give time for the redness to go away but not enough time for the little stray hairs to grow back.

Speaking of hair, have everyone who will be in the picture should get a haircut about a week before the photo shoot. If you get the hair cut too close to the photo shoot, it might not give enough time for the person to get accustomed to styling the freshly trimmed locks. If you wait too long, the hairstyle will be less becoming. Another thing, don’t wait until right before the photo shoot to touch up your roots. Give time for those dye stains to fade!

If you usually get a manicure, it’s best to schedule that a couple days ahead of time. This is especially important for close up shots where your hands might be on someone’s shoulder or otherwise noticeable in the photo.

One last tip: Don’t wear sunglasses to the appointment. You will have the impressions on both sides of your nose.


What to expect after your photo shoot

Just a couple notes about after the photo shoot:

Don’t let minor imperfections like a small blemish or scuffle mark on your kid’s clothes be worrisome. Those are easily fixed during the editing process!

I always get asked how long before proofs will be done. During peak photography season, plan about a week before you will get to view your images and about two weeks to receive your order.

Are you ready for your photo shoot? Call Linda Richards Photography today and let’s get you scheduled.