Portfolio post: Is your makeup appropriate for a LinkedIn headshot?

LRP Makeup LinkedIn

A professional headshot is important for many reasons, including making your LinkedIn profile complete.

We often talk discuss tips for what to wear for a professional headshot. Today, let’s focus on the best practices for makeup. Keep in mind that a professional headshot for LinkedIn needs to show your face and personality despite its small size compared to other headshots. This means that both your clothes and makeup should be simple and professional. Not plain, just not flashy either.


Here are a few tips for makeup that will position you to have the most successful LinkedIn profile picture from your professional headshot photo session:

  • Heavy powder will show up in the photos and not appear natural.
  • Your skin tone does need to be smoothed with makeup so wear some liquid makeup even if you don’t usually use it.
  • Lipstick and mascara are both important to create a finished look in the face.
  • Neutral eyeshadows are always best, including no smoky eye unless you intentionally need that look for creative purposes related to your career.
  • The eyebrows provide a frame for the entire face so if your eyebrows are thin; I recommend carefully filling them in.
  • Remember to moisturize. This is also important for men! Dry skin can really stand out in a negative way in a professional headshot.

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