Portfolio: Alicia Connor, NWARK at The Simple & Polished Life



I recently photographed Alicia Connor, who writes a blog called The Simple & Polished Life. I’ve worked with several Northwest Arkansas bloggers over the years to help them get the perfect headshot set to fit their brand.

Each blog is unique, just like each industry is unique. When working with bloggers, I love to help them express who they are and what their blog is about through their professional headshots.

For example, The Simple & Polished Life gives readers insight on how to better decorate their home and entertain guests. Because of how important Alicia’s home is to her blog brand, we decided to take headshots in her home.


Alicia says in her bio, “Our house has become a home to countless friends and family, which has been our dream from the beginning. We wanted to create a welcoming environment for any guest that walks through our front door (stranger, party guest, a lifelong friend, family, whomever).”

It’s extremely important for your headshots to be unique to your brand and for them to appeal to your target audience. When working with clients, I help them choose the right clothing and image that fits his or her personal branding. I think we did that well with Alicia!


Are you a Northwest Arkansas blogger who needs professional headshots to complete your brand? Let me help you to get that perfect image to tell readers who you are!