Photos with dad create precious memories

_MG_3364As Father’s Day approaches in less than a week, I look forward to celebrating with my husband and my own father. We usually get together for a family dinner and enjoy each other’s company. We love reminiscing and we always take some photographs.

Children grow up and our parents age so I feel what better way to honor and remember the fathers in our life than to take pictures?  I cherish the photos I have with my dad from when I was little and I know my children will feel the same way.

smith-0118It’s so much fun for me to take pictures of dads with their kids. I’ve taken pictures of fathers with their newborns all the way up to adult men and their dads. I know my husband cherishes being able to see how our sons have grown over the years (and how he’s changed!) and I think that’s true for all dads. I don’t have to tell any parent that time flies when our kids are young and it’s important to have pictures to remember those years. I’m sure you can think of a photo you have of you and your dad that puts a smile on your face.

The range of ideas for father/daughter or father/son photo shoots is almost limitless. A favorite park or playground, a nice spot in the family’s garden or a well-lit spot in the home, or even in the studio are all great options. Have a shared activity? Use props that demonstrate that common bond.

I often take photos of each parent with their children individually during a family photo shoot so that parents and children can celebrate the special bond between each parent and child.

Photos also make great gifts. After all, how many ties does dad really need? Give him a fun photo that he can carry with him on his tablet or smartphone, or that he can frame and put on his desk at work. Giving the gift of a photo shoot will be meaningful for years and much appreciated. It also opens up the doors of creativity!

fogarty-9441 I’ve looked through many photography and family blogs that suggest creative ideas such as writing messages on the bottom of children’s feet and having the message show in the photo.

fredrick-0043Another fun option is the children creating a cut-out of a message to dad then holding the signs upside down in the sunlight and an adult taking a photo of their shadows. The children’s outline complete with the message is adorable and fun.

A third option that I enjoy shooting myself is a photo of the children holding letters or signs that spell out a message to their father.

 What are some of your favorite Father’s Day photo memories? Please share in the comments! geisler-20