#NWARK rich with engagement photo opportunities



One of the most popular days to get engaged is approaching in just a couple weeks—are you ready? Valentine’s Day holds plenty of potential for romance and memories that the happy couple will want to capture forever.

Engagement photoshoots present countless opportunities for creativity as a couple chooses if they want to be nostalgic, sensual, silly, or elegant (or a mix of all those). I often say that Northwest Arkansas has some of the best locations for photoshoots, be it a professional headshot or the perfect engagement photo shoot.

Today, I wanted to give you a few ideas to consider as you’re planning your Northwest Arkansas engagement photos.

First, when will you get the photos? A growing trend is to hire a photographer (or a friend who knows how to use a camera) to capture the actual proposal and ensuing reaction. This is fun and sweet, but has its potential pitfalls.

In my opinion, the potential risks include:

A) not getting the reaction you want from your significant other

B) the photographer isn’t discreet enough and ruins the surprise, and

C) or the angle, lighting, and other components of a good photoshoot are not ideal in the chosen location, limiting the photographer’s ability to capture a beautiful image.

I’ve not done any live proposal shoots but I have plenty of ideas for great engagement photoshoots in Northwest Arkansas.

This blog offers a myriad of ideas and I wanted to pick out a few of my favorite suggestions for what you could do in Northwest Arkansas.

Gazing into the eyes


Engagement photos are both a celebration of love and a hopeful look into the future. Nothing captures both these ideas better than gazing into each other’s eyes with a joyful yet serene grin. This can be accomplished at nearly every location but I recommend a simple, naturistic background (or perhaps a non-intrusive downtown location) to truly let the expressions shine.

Almost kiss


Kiss photos are perfect for engagement pictures and so is the “almost kiss.” Capturing that moment before the lips lock in a loving embrace conveys the thrill that both people feel. Like the “gazing in the eyes photo,” the almost kiss can be done in many Northwest Arkansas locations. I like it especially when the couple is sitting down, bringing them both on the same level.



Love is serious, but it’s also fun. Using props, or a staged game of hide and go seek are great ways to show the fun side of your relationship. The trails at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art have several art pieces that are perfect for this type of photoshoot.


Famous kiss

Movie kisses can be great! From the big kiss in The Notebook to the scene on the back of the caboose from While You Were Sleeping, you can replicate many popular kisses that reflects your favorite movie. Wondering about the caboose? There’s one in Frisco Station Park in downtown Rogers. The scene from The Notebook can be done in many places. We obviously lack seaside locations, but you can find some fun ideas at Beaver Lake.


What poses do you love for engagement photos? Share your ideas! Better yet, give me a call to schedule the perfect engagement photoshoot.