Northwest Arkansas, start now with your back-to-school photos!

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Everyone knows that going back to school can be both a stressful and exciting time. As a parent of two boys, I know this all too well!


For the students, there is the adjustment to waking up early, the fun of gathering school supplies, and of course, the big “what to wear” question. For the parents, the relief of getting the house back to the way you want it, the countless binders, crayons and pencils you have to buy, and figuring out bus schedules or car rider pick-up lines!


I hope that you’re taking time to capture all these memories on camera for years to come.


In general, capturing those first day of school photos of your child(ren) is essential for any parent. Last year, I shared quite a list of ideas for easy, fun and unique first day of school photos. I also love these free printables you can use to get fun and cute pictures on that first day of school.

My son on his first day of kindergarten. You don't need professional level photography to capture great memories.
My son on his first day several years ago.

Whether they are posing next to their car, linking arms with their best friend at the bus stop or simply sitting on the front porch, the back-to-school photo is essential to the tradition of starting a new school year. While some children, especially the older kids, may dislike these back-to-school photos, they are wonderful visual memories to have.

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As I mentioned earlier, there’s so much more to back to school than just that first day of class! I offered some great tips in this blog about getting great pictures of your kids doing various activities.

Take, for example, back-to-school shopping. The stores in Northwest Arkansas might be full this weekend because of Tax Free Weekend, but I encourage you still take time to snap a few fun photos while you shop. Seeing them get all excited about a notebook or a new pair of shoes, well that really makes the crowds seem less daunting!

Back to school means buying lots of new outfits.
Back to school means buying lots of new outfits.

Don’t forget the fun of trying on tons of new outfits for that very first day. From those new shirts to those cute, sometimes impractical, shoes, the first day of school outfit is a tradition for all children. While they are trying on those countless outfits, what better way to remember the shopping trip than to capture it with pictures.

Some of you may think that new outfit shopping stops after high school, let me tell you, college students get just as crazy about making that first wardrobe selection. When looking at college students, just remember, the decorations of their dorm rooms are just as vital to their life as the classes they are going to take. And it is just as important to capture the way their dorm room looks. After all, it is their home away from home.

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This isn’t necessarily a “back to school” item, but don’t forget, if you have a child who is going to be a senior, there is the added bonus of senior pictures. Personally, my oldest son will be a senior next year and soon all I will think about is graduation, college, and senior pictures!

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Whether you have your child posing with their band instrument or sporting gear, these senior pictures will be the most memorable pictures, for everyone and should capture your child’s senior year well.

Whether they want to take their pictures in the Crystal Bridges Museum or standing in the middle of a football field, senior photos help mark this memorable accomplishment in your child’s life. And if you are in the market for senior headshots, look no further than this Northwest Arkansas photographer!