Northwest Arkansas photography studio is homey

LRP Home studio collage


How many of you remember the days when it was popular to get your family photos taken at a national chain photography studio? You remember—the studio where the reception area was the same as any other business type and once you got inside the studio all the backdrops were the same, generating many photographs that were not very unique.

When clients are deciding where to have their photo shoot, sometimes they have a special place around Northwest Arkansas where they want the professional photographs. But another popular option is to have their professional photo shoot in the Linda Richards Photography studio.


Visiting my studio is quite different than going to a studio located in a store front. In fact, my studio is in my home. I love how the idea of working from home has evolved into a more accepted and popular option for entrepreneurs. It not only allows us to reduce overhead (and pass that savings on to clients), but it lets us provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for each client.

Going to someone’s home might still be a little strange for some people so I try to give clients a head’s up on what to expect (and really clear directions on how to get there).

First of all, my house is in Bella Vista and initially I think that makes people nervous because while scenic, Bella Vista can be tricky to navigate. My house is easy to find and I give out detailed instructions on how to get here. Nearly everyone who comes says it is easy to find based on my directions.



When they arrive, they find that my home is surrounded by beauty and they love where my house is nestled into a neighborhood but surrounded by woods. It’s also convenient in that I have a big driveway that accommodates easy parking. Between the scenic spots and my in-home studio, I’m able to offer both indoor and outdoor photo shoots—all without making the final product look like it was taken in my backyard!

_MG_6229My house is a fairly open floor plan but my studio is downstairs in a walkout basement which provides privacy during a photo shoot. Dane, my assistant, or Randy who helps out on occasion may be the only other people at the photo shoot. If a client feels more comfortable, they are welcome to bring a friend with them.

I have a dog and two cats plus a family so I do take extra special care to remove any kind of “home odors” from the entire house, especially in the studio (my animals rarely if ever go in the studio). I have my home professionally cleaned but if anyone is seriously allergic to animals they need to tell me.

_MG_6211My guest bathroom is small so it is best for people to come dressed for the shoot but there is space to change and a mirror to freshen up. I do have supplies for people who may need fabric tape, oil blotting cloths or a hair brush.

Now to talk about the actual studio! Clients are sometimes surprised at how complete and professional my home studio is including the lighting and several backdrop options.


I also have my photo and computer equipment conveniently located on the main floor so we are able to view photos immediately after the photo shoot on a large monitor. This also lets us know if we need to take a few more photos without having to schedule an entirely new session.


Photo viewing in the studio is better than an online gallery because we can compare images and I can crop or turn black and white on the fly so the client can get an idea of what the final image could look like. We are also able to view live examples of frame options, card designs and paper types to finalize any last minute questions one may have._MG_6209

Have you ever had your professional photographs taken in a home studio? What did you like about the experience? I would love your professional headshot, family portrait or senior portrait and welcome you into my home.