Is a new headshot part of your New Year’s plans?

It’s been a while since I visited this blog space and I’m delighted to be back! Rest assured I’ve been busy with family and helping many clients throughout Northwest Arkansas refresh their image with professional headshots.

Like many in Northwest Arkansas, I have plans for making 2017 a success. Now that all the parties and resolutions are over, it’s time to get to work on making your goals a reality! Whether your professional goals for 2017 include getting a promotion, finding a new job, or simply reaching new expectations in your current position, a smart way to move towards those goals is to refresh your professional image that reflects the job you want.  

When you get a new professional headshot to reflect your new goals, you need to remember to keep things simple. The emphasis should be on your face and the demeanor that you present. Keep your clothes and makeup simple with clean lines. Check out this blog I did recently about makeup and clothing tips for professional headshots.

Take a look at these examples of when recent clients chose clothes that were perfect for a professional headshot. Their clothes are current, attractive, and let their face be the “star” of the photo.