How a new headshot could help you achieve your 2018 goals

It’s a new year, which means people are creating new goals for themselves.

I asked some of my Facebook friends about their goals and I got many diverse responses. Their goals include wanting to be more organized, declutter their house, find more time to relax, and read more. Others want to travel, be spontaneous, and meditate. All great goals!

I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about how getting a new headshot could help you achieve your goals. I’ve worked with several clients recently who have goals for 2018 and a new headshot was a part of their plan for success.

Whether you’re opening up a business and need a good photo for your website’s About page, or if you’re looking for a new job, or even creating an online dating profile, a new headshot can help you achieve any of those goals.

Headshots are versatile in both style and the ways you can use them. For example, if you’re using your headshot for a business website, you can use the same headshot for your business-related profile pictures on LinkedIn. You can also get a variety of headshot styles to match different purposes including a lifestyle portrait that demonstrates what you do as well as a simple headshot that shows your face and gives a view of your personality.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

My friend Tricia started her own Pampered Chef business this year and came to me saying she needed a new profile picture, so we brainstormed. With a business like Pampered Chef, you need something more fun than a standard headshot, so we got out some products and had Tricia cook in her kitchen. These could be used for so many things besides her profile picture including any fun social media pictures or to create promotional graphics that highlight her business.

I had another client recently who revamped her website and not only was I able to take new pictures of her great products, I had the honor of providing her with a new headshot. This headshot will give an updated look for her website’s About page and helps put a face on the business, which is a veteran-owned family business.

A third recent client who was working on her goals had just started a new job and she needed a new headshot to reflect her new position. It’s important to get a new headshot when you start a new job to reflect your new position, even if it is similar work. People will associate your old headshot with your new job, so a new look is important to making the transition complete.

I wanted to close with sharing my personal goals for 2018 and how I’m going about keeping track of my progress. My 2018 commitments are to simplify my life and to be more present in the moment. I will also continue to work on maintaining a healthy body. My One Word for 2018 is “Focus.”

As you can imagine, I will be tracking at least some of my goals with taking pictures, this time with my smartphone. I encourage you to not only consider professional headshots as a way of completing your goals, but to also take your own pictures to mark your progress. It helps with encouragement and it’s easy to go back and look on your phone at how well you are doing. My hashtag for the year is #epic2018, which helps me not only set the tone, but to track my pictures on social media.

Leave a comment below with one of your 2018 goals and if one of your goals can be achieved with a new headshot, then give me a call!