Need photos for more than one purpose? Consider doing them all in one photo shoot

Donna Family
This photo of Donna and Ray (and their dog) was one of several photos they used for their family Christmas cards.

Throughout the year, I get the opportunity to shoot pictures of clients from all over Northwest Arkansas. They come to me for family portraits, senior pictures, professional headshots and many other professional photos they need.

A growing trend I’m seeing and even encourage is to combine purposes in photo shoots. For example, say you want your family’s portrait taken but both you and your spouse also need professional headshots. All you need is to bring another change of clothes each (and accessories) and we can accomplish all your photo needs at one time.

Donna uses this headshot for her More Than A Review site.
Donna uses this headshot for her More Than A Review site.

I was recently able to do a dual photo shoot for the Feyens from Bentonville. Donna and Ray come to me every year to get family pictures with them and their dogs. Donna is also my sister and one of my biggest supporters! She works in a corporate office but she also owns the book review site

Donna needed new professional headshots that complemented the MTAR brand. We were able to get the family photos and her professional headshots all together. She used some shots for her family Christmas card, others for their e-card and then a set of the photos for her website.

I recently talked to Donna about what she thought of the experience. Here’s what she had to say about their October 2014 photo shoot at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art:

What were your goals with the photo shoot?

My goal was an updated picture for our annual Christmas cards, I was thrilled when a casual shot turns out perfect for my More Than A Review page. The colors coordinated perfectly.

What benefit did you see in having both kinds of photos done with the same photographer at the same time?  I was less anxious during my casual Christmas pictures which I think resulted in a more relaxed professional photos. I think it helps when the photographer gets to know you and understand what shots and locations relate to your personality.

Any other thoughts?

Donna needed a professional headshot to use in her corporate office work.
I’ve also done Donna’s headshots for her corporate job. 

I highly recommend getting professional and personal shots done. We have never regretted them.

I also recommend Linda Richards Photography because she gets to know you. I also love that LRP is great with dogs. She has taken family photos with all three of our dogs and with just our youngest dog.

I recommend having separate photos from your personal life, your professional life, and a separate picture for any outside work that you may promote.

Time to schedule your photo shoot

Do you like this idea of combining photo shoots? I know it’s winter, but here are some tips for winter weather photo shoots. Give me a call to schedule all your professional photography needs.

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