I Mustache You a Question

Have you fallen into the mustache trend this year? I cannot explain why nor do I have any clue as to why the fake mustache is a big part of pop culture, but I can’t help myself, I love them.  I Googled “mustache” and found many others wondering where this trend started and why.  After skimming a few links it appears many have differing opinions about the subject and what it boils down to is either you join in or ignore it.  I read one article that stated the trend was started by hipsters which is ironic now that it has become such a big part of our pop culture.

I was super excited when a client brought her son over to have a mustache photo session in preparation for his first birthday party.

Seriously? Does it get cuter than this?


For Isaac’s party we designed a custom invitation using the photos from his shoot to invite Isaac’s friends to his mustache bash.  I hear the party was a huge success!

Happy First Birthday Isaac! I have enjoyed watching you grow the last twelve months!