How many headshot looks do you need?

Most business professionals know that a headshot is an essential part of creating their brand and image. A common question I get from my Northwest Arkansas headshot clients is, just how many headshot looks do I need?

The truth is, the answer varies with each client but generally, I tell them they need at least two: one for more serious business uses, and a second for more casual uses such as for their personal social media profiles.

The Business Headshot Look

Typically, the business suit headshot is more refined and features a simple image. My clients use these headshots for many different things, including adding it to their business cards, in workplace presentations and publications, placing it on their resumes, and making it their LinkedIn profile photo.

Since first impressions matter, the look that you display in your business headshot should leave a favorable impression for your bosses or for future business associates. As I’ve shared before, your headshot should also fit your industry. These headshots are not typically used for casual social media branding but are usually an excellent choice for your LinkedIn profile.

Many of my clients get only one business headshot, but if you have different elements of your professional life, you may want a headshot to reflect each. For example, if you’re a salesperson but also a public speaker, you might want a headshot that reflects your sales position and slightly different look that fits your public speaking career.

The Casual Headshot Look    


Unlike the business look, the casual headshot openly displays your personality and features more variety. All headshots can be taken at a favorite Northwest Arkansas location or in my Bella Vista home studio, but many times casual headshots are taken outside for a more natural, relaxed look.

I have found that my clients enjoy taking these casual headshots and they use them to brand themselves on social media such as Instagram or Twitter. Most people do not want to use their business photos for their profile pictures, but they still want a flattering and expressive picture for social media use. This is especially true when my clients want to show their hobbies or a side of their personal life, which is a great idea for the more casual headshots or portraits.

During an individual headshot photo shoot, a simple tweak to your expression, clothing, or hairstyle can transform your image into two distinct looks. Even something as simple as removing your suit jacket you wore during a more serious headshot can create a different, more casual look.

Do you need a professional headshot for a variety of uses? Are you trying to create a brand for yourself, both professionally and personally? I encourage you to contact me to discuss a photo shoot where we can capture the many diverse aspects of your personal and professional lives.