LRP is moving to CT, follow our adventures!

This summer will be the start of a whole new adventure for me and my family and I want to take a few moments to invite you to come along (digitally, anyways!).

My husband and I are relocating to Connecticut this summer and we will spend at least two years there. We will move in August and I am scheduling my last client photoshoots in the month of June. We don’t know where this new adventure will lead and it’s not unlikely that we return to our Northwest Arkansas roots in a few years. Either way, we are excited about our new lives that await us on the East Coast!

A recent photoshoot in Bentonville. I’ve loved working with professionals from all backgrounds during my 8 years in this business.

Why the move?

As most of you know, I work in the Northwest Arkansas vendor community and that experience gives me a unique look at the professional needs of my photography clients. My photography business recently turned 8 years old and I’ve made many wonderful relationships as I’ve been trusted to provide quality professional headshots, senior photos, and family portraits.

My husband and I were both given the amazing opportunity for career growth in Connecticut. This is a bittersweet situation as we are both excited, but it also means leaving friends and family. It also means downsizing my photography business.

I will relocate my headshot business to Connecticut and when the opportunity presents itself for us to be in NWA, we will let our clients know they can book locally again.

I will still maintain this website and post periodic blogs to share about our adventures and even photography opportunities in our new home. I hope you will also follow me on Instagram (@linda5x5) to keep up with our journey.

Schedule your session

I look forward to making new friends and clients in Connecticut!

As I mentioned, I’m scheduling as many last-minute photoshoots as possible for June. Contact me today and I hope you keep in touch!