LRP in the news: talking entrepreneurship on The City Wire

logo_1_0I love working with people of all backgrounds, all walks of life. As an entrepreneur, I’ve been able to meet many fellow start-up business owners in Northwest Arkansas who are also living the dream of starting their own business.

Earlier this week, I was one of the featured interviews for a story on The City Wire about people in the Walmart supplier community who are also entrepreneurs.

Here’s an excerpt:

“For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of starting my own business. I knew someday I would find the right opportunity and financial freedom to do so,” Richards said. “In 2010, I unexpectedly became a statistic of the economic downturn when I was laid off from an employer. It was during this time that I felt I had to seize the opportunity to try something new or at the very least have a Plan B. Linda Richards Photography was set in motion.”

Take a look at the story and I hope you find the entrepreneurial spirit as inspiring as I do.