Looking for a job in NWA? You need a new headshot


Are you in search of a new job? Have you been recently laid off? There is no better time to update your headshot! Northwest Arkansas’ business culture, especially in the Walmart and vendor community, is highly mobile in nature. This means people move between jobs or move in and out of the area often. We’re also seeing a growing number of companies making staffing adjustments, which often means layoffs.

Keeping your headshot up-to-date is crucial if you are on the look-out for a new job. Whether you have lost your job or are voluntarily seeking a new one, an updated headshot is a must.

Is your headshot from your old employer?

You may have a headshot from your previous/current employer, but you will want to have a new one when applying for jobs. Some companies use similar backgrounds, looks, and poses to give their employee headshots a cohesive look. When you use a new headshot, you are creating your own distinct image, unrelated to that of your former team. You want to make sure your individualism shows through your headshot.

Has your appearance changed?

Have you colored your hair or switched from glasses to contact lenses? It is likely that your appearance has changed since your last headshot. You want to present your most current, freshest self when seeking a new job. This could be the time to get a new haircut or treat yourself to a few new wardrobe pieces to spice up your look as you seek a new position.

Not only do we go through changes on the outside, but our confidence and inner-self can also change. Your confidence shows through your headshot and will help you stand out to future employers. This also may be the confidence boost you need if yours has been lacking, or if you have just been laid off.

Is your specialty the same?

It is likely that you are searching for a job in the same or similar industry, but if you are searching for a different type of position, in that industry or another, your headshot needs to fit the jobs you are applying for. Remember, each industry and even position has its own look that needs to be portrayed, whether it’s confidence or friendly understanding. For example, a real estate agent will have a different look than a therapist.

Are you a Northwest Arkansas professional seeking a new position? Let me help the process by refreshing your professional headshot. Give me a call today!