A look at Spring 2017 fashion trends

All images courtesy of Creative Commons

It’s that time of year again. While in it’s not official according to the calendar yet, Spring has arrived in Northwest Arkansas! And with the blooming flowers and the warming weather, new fashion trends have begun to emerge.

With spring arriving, families and professionals alike need a new image capturing the new year’s look! I am faced with questions regarding what to wear and how to be fashionable for their professional photoshoot.

As you prepare for the upcoming season, there are several fashion trends that you should note if you’re the type to enjoy being on-trend.

A switch to longer, bolder necklaces

The trend in 2016 was focused on small accent necklaces. However, in 2017, the trend has returned to long, dangling pendant-like necklaces. These accessories can add a bit of flair to an ordinary outfit.

Return of extra-large bags

As the new year rolls in, people are starting to use larger bags. Often exaggerated and larger than before, these purses make a statement!

And the 80’s are back!

After spending the last few years reviving fashion from the 70’s, 2017 trends are pulling inspiration from the glam decade: 1980’s! This means dramatic sleeves and puffy styles have returned.

Khaki chic stays strong

In 2016, many stylists incorporate the khaki-style fabric into their designs. And in 2017, the trend is continuing. Whether it is khaki shorts or more professional pants, the fabric is a must have.

A new distinction of stripes: rainbow

Stripes are definitely back in! Bright, vibrant, attention-getting stripes that will let you have some fun with your spring wardrobe.

Figuring out the newest (or re-imaged) trends is always exciting! While you probably should not combine all of these trends a once, they allow you to express yourself in new, fashion-worthy ways.