It’s Spring 2015! Get ideas what to wear for your professional photoshoot

Which Spring 2015 color is your favorite?
Which Spring 2015 color is your favorite?

The first day of spring was just a few days ago and I’m excited to start having bright, outdoor professional photo shoots again. Northwest Arkansas has plenty of beautiful winter scenery but there’s something special about spring!

As I do each season, let’s talk about the expected fashion trends that will be prevalent. As usual, opinions across the country seem to differ on what all will be popular but I see some common trends. I found it interesting that many of the trends seemed to sport an almost renewed 1970s feel. What’s great is that most of the trends can be customized to fit professional headshots or family portraits.

Here are some of top fashion trends to expect in 2015:

This checkered pattern can be fantastic is just about any color and can work for both women and men. No longer just from the farm, gingham is a fun, fresh pattern for spring.

Fringe really started showing up last fall but this spring and summer it’s expected to be much bigger…both in length and popularity. Whether it’s a shirt, skirt or jacket, have some fun with all kinds of fringe.


This one surprised me a little bit because you don’t expect suede in the warmer months, right? But according to the magazines and runway shows suede is popular this spring. You can choose multiple pieces made from suede or simply a single piece to complete your outfit. And you can even combine trends and find suede fringe!  What’s great about suede is that, like the growing leather trend of recent years, it’s a fabric that is seasonless.

Black and white

This season’s colors are soft and pretty but there’s something to be said for a simple black and white outfit. You can wear blocks of color (black shirt with white pants, for example) or you can wear patterned pieces. Either way, black and white is a bold, popular fashion statement.


It’s not just jeans! Denim is a returning trend that can be an entire dress, to a jacket or just a shirt. The color palette for spring has several shades of blue in it plus other complementary colors so there really are no limitations with this trend.

Softer colors

The color palette is a bit softer this spring with a few designers choosing the brighter hues to simply accent. What colors do you expect to wear a lot of this spring?

As I said earlier, many of these colors and trends can be adapted to fit your needs. Give me a call today and we can discuss what to wear for your professional headshot, family portrait or senior portrait!