Why you should have an individual Northwest Arkansas professional headshot session

linda-richards-individual-headshotRemember our conversation a couple weeks ago about school pictures and how you should consider getting professional pictures of your kids instead of relying solely on the school photographer to capture their annual photo?

Well, today we’re going to talk about the grown-up version of that idea. As Northwest Arkansas professionals, we all need a quality headshot that captures who we are as professionals, but also lets our personal brand shine through.

The knowledge that most of us need a professional headshot has led to the concept of what I’m going to call “group headshot sessions.”  That is, when conferences or an employer hires a professional photographer to offer individual headshots of anyone who signs up for a timeslot during the specific day.

I want to make it clear that my fellow Northwest Arkansas photographers produce high-quality headshots. Each photographer has skills and their own style of doing things. It’s my experience that these group headshot sessions can stifle that creativity and in general can lead to lower quality headshots that don’t do the photographer and, more importantly the subject, justice.

As both a Northwest Arkansas business professional and a professional photographer, I encourage you to consider scheduling an individual headshot photo session. Yes, an individual photo session will probably cost slightly more but the quality will be so much better!

Here’s what an individual headshot photoshoot can provide that a group headshot session cannot:

Shows your personality-When I’m able to spend time with a client, I’m able to talk with them and help capture their personality in the photos. This could be from showing empathy from a client who is a licensed therapist, to showing a friendly and welcoming look from a real estate agent.


Various uses-An individual headshot session will allow the photographer to capture images that can be used for a variety of purposes.  When you just have a minute or two because the next person in line needs their turn, it’s almost impossible to truly capture a variety of photos. For example, I recently met with a client who is a professional writer but who also has a personal blog. She needed headshots for both roles, both which have multiple facets to them.


In a photoshoot that was only 30-45 minutes long, we were able to get headshots that show her fun side, her serious professional side, her approachable consultant side, and her professional but friendly blogger side.

Natural environment-professional headshot sessions can be done in a variety of locations, from my in-home studio with a standard background, to one of many Northwest Arkansas locations that provide great backdrops for a professional headshot. In some cases, it is a great idea to have a professional headshot done in an office that demonstrates your profession. A group headshot session simply can’t provide this feature.


Custom lighting/background-Just like in school photo sessions, a group professional headshot session has limited backgrounds and inadequate space to get truly good lighting. Each person’s skin tone is different as is their hair and clothing. Lighting and backgrounds must be changed to adapt to the individual; otherwise the headshot will come out lower quality than is preferred.


Appropriate editing-The editing done on pictures for the group photo sessions is minimal if it happens at all. Sometimes in their haste to get all the pictures edited, photographers have the tendency to be a little “heavy handed” in their editing, which does not produce a pleasing image.



Do you need a headshot for your professional life? Have you tried the less expensive group headshot sessions only to find you were less than thrilled? I encourage you to contact me to invest in an individual headshot session that will truly capture your professionalism and personality.