How to make your Northwest Arkansas headshot pop with color


When my clients schedule a professional headshot photo session, one of the questions they always ask is about what to wear. They also want to know how to make their headshot stand out.
Many times, I tell clients to add a “pop” of color to make their headshots stand out. Today, I’m sharing my tips for making the pop of color do what you want it to do.


Use pops of color to bring out your personality

It can be difficult to stand out, especially when everyone is wearing the same color. If you are in a profession where everyone dresses similarly, such as lawyers, add a pop color to your outfit. Choose a color that you enjoy that “fits” your personality and the image you’re trying to convey. Blue, for example, often conveys a sense of being trustworthy. Pink often says “fun.”

Pick one item that pops

If you decide to add a little color to your outfit, do not go overboard. First, pick one color. Do not try to add a yellow bracelet and a purple necklace. An overwhelming amount of different colors will not have the desired effect and will become distracting.

Stay away from a super bright outfit

By adding an accent pop color, you are drawing potential client’s eyes. However, if your entire outfit is bright and overly colorful, you can appear flamboyant. Just add a fleck of color here and a splash of color there.

Match the colors to your skin tone and hair color

This is true whenever you are dressing professionally. For instance, if you have brunette hair and lighter skin, touches of blue would complement your hair and skin tones. Similarly, if you have blonde hair, reds and pinks will complement the lightness of your hair.

Your photographer should strategically choose your background

Make sure that the photographer knows, up front, all of the colors you will be wearing in the headshot. If you are wearing a pop of red or a hint of green, your photographer can choose a background that will not interfere with those colors.

Since we’ve talked about adding color to your headshot, is it time for you to consider re-taking your headshot? Give me a call, and I’d love to talk with you about the headshot sessions options.