How to get the most out of your downtown photography

The Downtown area offers many photography options for families, high school seniors and children. It is one of the most versatile areas I shoot in.  It isn’t without its pros and cons.

A big benefit to choosing a downtown spot is that you can have a session year round. Gardens, walking trails, etc. are best in the spring and fall but downtown can work anytime. The buildings act as shade cover so the lack of leaves on the trees aren’t an issue and you can even manage on windy days when the buildings have the ability to block the wind. Additionally, pros – color, texture, flexibility..OH MY!

The pros to using a downtown area for a photo shoot are many, but there are some cons. The two big ones are people and distractions.

Right place, right time for downtown photos

You can get the most out of your downtown session by picking the right day and time. As a photographer, I go to a location at different times of day as the seasons change to understand the lighting and possible distractions. It’s also best to check community calendars to know if your location is having a public event on the day you want to have your photo shoot.

When you decide what your goals are for the session you can identify the clothing you want to wear to work with the downtown hot spots. (There are some great examples below).

Nature in downtown photography

Here are a few photos using the nature within the downtown area to create beautiful photos. Trees, flowers and other foliage aren’t what first comes to mind when deciding to get photos taken downtown but it is important to know that you can always find nature around downtown!



Textures are amazing in downtown photography

Now, I’ll show you photos of textures you can find downtown. This is such a tiny sampling of what I could share! You may be surprised by all that you can find. It is a photographer’s job to know all the nooks and crannies of a downtown so the client can get the most out of the shoot.

My favorite downtown shots are when you can combine color and texture together. Clothing then becomes important and when you find just the right fit, magic happens.



I do love the downtown shoots when it fits the client’s style. It is a popular spot for seniors and can be fun for families as well. The above examples are from Rogers, Bentonville, and Cave Springs.  I don’t shoot in Siloam Springs often but it is another fantastic downtown area to shoot in.

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