How to: Choose a location for your headshot session

_MG_4280In the real estate industry, it’s all about “location, location, location,” right? The same is somewhat true for your professional headshot. Choosing the right location for your headshot will make a major difference in how your professional image is portrayed.

Once you have the right headshot photographer, it’s time to choose where your headshot will be photographed. There are several factors that go into choosing the right location and your photographer will help you navigate those. We always tell clients to not feel like they have to just have a plain background and a serious expression, even though they take their work very seriously!

Every photograph, headshot or not, evokes an emotion. What emotion are you wanting people to have when they see your professional headshot? Once you decide that, you and your photographer can decide on the best location for the headshot. Remember, it’s more about the reaction you want your target audience to have than your own emotional reaction to a location. In other words, don’t choose a location simply for its sentimental value.

A guideline to headshot photography locations

John--2Your headshot doesn’t have to fit into these boxes, but this is a good guideline for deciding where your headshot photo session will take place.


This is usually a good idea for the business professional image that is designed for a serious emotion and that will be used in marketing. In this case, serious doesn’t have to mean boring. It’s possible to have a studio shot with a simple background that really highlights the individual yet gives a fresh, professional and serious image.

On location

On location photography has a background that includes the person’s immediate surroundings as opposed to a colored backdrop. The location doesn’t necessarily have to be the client’s working environment. If you don’t choose your working environment, your photographer should be able to help you find a space that fits your image. This option is popular for career-specific headshots such as lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, teachers and chefs.

Deanna-8797On location outdoors

This type of headshot incorporates nature and natural sunlight. It’s an excellent choice for professional writers and bloggers, nutritionists and personal trainers. It’s also an excellent option for headshots that are needed for the more casual social networking sites where you still want to have a clean, fresh and professional image.


So, what do you want your headshot to say about you? It may be time to update your image