How professional is your LinkedIn profile picture? I have a solution for you



When people visit your LinkedIn profile, what do they see? Are they greeted with an image that is shows you enjoying a hobby or perhaps even a selfie or family picture?

While LinkedIn is a social media platform, it is a business social media platform. While Facebook is more like a backyard BBQ with your friends and family, LinkedIn is more like the after-hours networking meetings hosted by various Northwest Arkansas chambers of commerce.  Casual, but still about business.

When people visit your profile, be it a potential client or employer, they should see a professional image that fits your career and personal brand. I have a great solution for you to get a great headshot for LinkedIn, but first let me remind you of a few tips for choosing your Linkedin profile image:

  • Actually have a photo and make sure it’s only of you and doesn’t include family, friends, pets or anything else.
  • Choose a professional photographer to shoot the photo. It will be well worth the investment to not have a family member or friend use a point-and-shoot (or an iPhone!) to shoot your picture. (The exception is if you’re friends with or related to a professional photographer). Selfies are never a good choice for a LinkedIn profile picture.
  • Choose a photo that is cropped close so that your face is highlighted in an attractive manner. LinkedIn thumbnails are small and you want to make sure your face is readily visible.
  • Choose clothesthat fit your industry or your desired industry if you’re changing jobs. What would you wear to meet a client?
  • Make sure the photo you use is up-to-date with your current appearance. Will people who meet you in person recognize you? If you’ve aged, had a weight change or other major physical change since your last headshot, it’s time for a new headshot.

Now, for how I can help you! In March, I’m hosting two different days in my home studio dedicated to providing professional headshot photo sessions. This is the perfect time to refresh your image, and to ensure that your LinkedIn profile picture is professional and conveys the image you need for your career. These events will be Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 25. It’s easy to participate—simply contact me and schedule a time.