Headshot and Website Photographer Northwest Arkansas

I met Denise in a Microsoft Access class I took to get certified; she was the instructor. She was such an interesting lady and I hated to leave the class after a week wondering if I would get the chance to see her again.  I was thrilled when she contacted me a few weeks later to see if I would take her headshot photos.  This led to finding out about a WordPress class she was teaching that Randy ended up attending. We’ve had another opportunity to work together again as well.  It is funny how by one email coming across my computer telling me about the classes offered at the Shewmaker Center, a decision to take the class, to one morning of running late that landed me in Denise’s class instead of the class next door which had filled with students already to all the events that have occurred since and additional friendship I hope to build.  Denise is the owner of Alexis Information Systems, LLC.  She is a successful entrepreneur and a fabulous woman, a perfect combination!