Have a budding photographer in your family? Here’s some gift ideas

A few weeks ago, we shared about photo gift ideas for anyone but today we’re going to talk specifically about the photographer on your wish list.

Whether you’re buying for a professional photographer or a budding hobby photographer, there’s plenty of gift ideas out there to help celebrate their passion! We thought we’d get a head start on sharing these now in time for Black Friday or Cyber Monday at the end of the month.

So, are you thinking that you will have to spend a lot of money purchasing camera equipment? Rest assured, that’s not where we’re going with this. Actually, a photographer’s equipment can be a very personal decision and often best left to the individuals to pick out themselves.

Gift ideas for the photo hobbyist

One of my favorite accessories to use during my fall and winter photography sessions are fingerless gloves. They help keep my hands warm (thus helping me keep the camera steady because I’m not shivering!). The fingerless feature helps the photographer not have to feel clumsy through a thick glove, either. (photo courtesy of the Clickin Moms website)
Another idea from Clickin Moms is this cute t-shirt. Any kind of t-shirt or perhaps something from Cafe Press that talks about photography is a great gift idea! (By the way, something like this could also be fun for the scrapbooking moms in your life…they take lots of photos as part of their craft, too!)
Charm jewelry is all the rage and this idea is both practical and pretty.


How fun is this? Think it’s an expensive camera lense? Think again! This coffee mug is a fun idea for both guys and girls, whether they like coffee or tea. Or hot chocolate!


This is at the top of my personal list! I know it looks like a purse, but these Kelly Moore bags are very versatile and useful for carrying photo equipment and other supplies for both genders.


What other ideas do you have for gifts for the hobby photographer? Share links so we can all get our Christmas lists together!