Get that special mom in your life the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Mothers Day photo gifts

As a mom, the thing I value you the most is memories made with my family. These memories are kept alive in our hearts but also through memorabilia like photographs.

What memories do you want to keep alive with that special mom in your life? I suggest that instead of making her runny eggs that she eats in bed or an expensive trinket, that you choose a gift that will be meaningful to both her and you.

Yes, you guess it, I’m talking about photos. What could be better than capturing memories that can be shared and cherished for years to come?

Scheduling your photo shoot

As both a mom and photographer, I think it’s a great idea to either purchase a gift certificate for your favorite mom to get her family portrait taken or even surprise her by scheduling it yourself (you might want to clue her in with enough notice so she can wear a nice outfit!).

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Where is her favorite place to go with her family (that’s local!)? That might make for a fantastic on-location family portrait.
  • Are there any favorite activities she would want to commemorate with photos? Using props would really make the photo more personalized.
  • Would she want to make the decisions herself on where and when the photos are taken? That might help you decide if a gift certificate or a pre-scheduled photo shoot would be most appropriate.
  • Make sure you schedule enough time for a full family shoot but also individual photos with mom and her children. Each relationship between parent/child is unique and that needs to be celebrated.


After the photos

What will you do with these amazing photos once you’re done? Plenty of photo gift ideas are available scrapbooks, photo books and framing ideas exist (many which you can order from Linda Richards Photography). Make the gift complete by presenting the photos in a well-preserved, attractive way.

Also keep in mind we offer photo restoration services. How wonderful would it be to have old family photos restored, new ones taken and all of them presented in a family scrapbook?

Don’t delay…schedule your photo shoot with mom soon. Time is running out! Mother’s Day in the United States is May 11, 2014. Give us a call today!