Having fun with kid pictures in Northwest Arkansas


LRP School photosDo you remember getting school photos taken as a kid? Our parents would send us in a nicer outfit to school that day and a few weeks later we’d bring home a packet of photos for them to consider purchasing.

All the pictures had the same background and how we looked depended largely on the photographer’s ability to get us to smile. Our parents hoped our turn to get pictures taken was before lunch because we were sure to spill something on our clothes.

Now that I’m a parent, I love having pictures of my kids each year so I can see how they’ve grown and matured. I always take my own professional photos so I’m able to capture the memories of who my sons were in the time of their life when the photos were taken.

A couple weeks ago, we talked about great ideas for back-to-school photos. Let’s talk today about getting professional, unique photos of your kids each year. The school photos are great, but are not a great way to really let your child shine. I find that higher quality pictures come from an individual photoshoot because the photographer can focus on your child instead of trying to get as many pictures taken in a day as possible.

What opportunities do kid photo shoots provide?

You can see their personality-Just like adults, kids are more likely to let their real personality shine when they are comfortable. This just isn’t possible in a school photo situation. A photo shoot on their favorite playground or other familiar location will put them at ease and also allow more time for the photo shoot.

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You can show their interests-School photos have that same background and the same general look. Was your child learning to play an instrument that year? Or perhaps involved in pee-wee sports? A professional photoshoot will give you the opportunity to show those interests.

This little girl is a budding fashionista and I loved her poses!
This little girl is a budding fashionista and I loved her poses!

You can get pictures in a more natural environment-I know I keep mentioning the background and similar poses but it’s important. When I take professional headshots in my studio with a background, I choose a background that fits with the person’s skin tone, clothes and overall desired image. The same should be true with kids! And what’s more, if we choose one of many great outdoor locations in Northwest Arkansas, the background can be even more special.

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You can capture accomplishments and milestones-Is your baby just now learning to crawl? Wouldn’t it be great to get a professional photo of that joy of new independence? Or has your child lost their first tooth? What a fun event in their life to capture on camera. These milestones and achievements should be captured for years to come.

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I wanted to share one more thought about child photoshoots. Keep in mind, that there is beauty in the imperfection. While taken by a professional photographer, they are not going to be used for professional purposes like a professional headshot for adults would be. Kids are, well, kids and that should be allowed to shine.

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I would love to help you preserve the memories of your kids and their lives. And with a professional photoshoot, you don’t have to wait for them to be in school to start! I’d be honored to help you keep these memories from these precious years.