What should I wear?

First think, what is this for? Headshots and portraits need to be different if you are using them for social media, business, or for modeling.

Business: Think Interview When deciding what to wear for a business headshot, you should always consider your skin tone and hair when deciding what to wear in addition to what type of headshot you need. If you are in business or work with clients, wear something that you would wear to an interview. Keep in mind only your chest up will be showing-unless you need a three-quarter pose-so be sure to look in the mirror at home to see if the jacket or top is fitted in the shoulders to give you the most flattering appearance.

If you are broad in the shoulders stay away from shoulder pads in suits. Wearing two different colors or textures to give your outfit dimension is important. However, wearing monochromatic can look nice if done with different textured clothing. Wearing something you feel good in is most important. Consider the compliments you get on certain colors you wear in the office. You can perform an Internet search on appropriate colors and outfits for job interviews to get additional recommendations on what to wear.

Check out some of the examples on the website to get an idea for what different clothing colors and textures look like with different skin tones and backdrops. If you don’t plan to take your clothes to the cleaners ahead of time you will want to check the outfit for lint and wrinkles and adjust before the session.

Personal: Think Date Night Wear something that fits your personality (tee shirt, buttoned down shirt with a sports jacket, leather jacket, etc). Stay away from patterns that will be distracting to the eye. Wear something you might wear on a date. Jewelry should be simple and not distracting.

Modeling: Wear very solid patterned clothing, nothing distracting. Bring lots of colors that are flattering including white and black to the session for us to pick through. No jewelry for these sessions and you will want simple, clean makeup. Bring some makeup with you so we can add a new color of lipstick or touch up during the session. You want your face and expressions to show range in these sessions, not your clothing.

Should I bring extra clothes?

You are welcome to bring more than one shirt or jacket to get the photographer’s opinion on which is most flattering.  You may also want to bring options for jewelry if you are uncertain which to wear. Jewelry in general, should be simple and not distracting. There are exceptions to this rule as you will see in my portfolio. Keep in mind if you decide to be photographed in two different outfits then you will be charged for the 30-minute session.

Do you edit the photos?

The photos are edited for basic needs as the photographer sees necessary such as teeth whitening, skin touch ups, skin softening, color adjustments, fly away hair, etc. The photographer will not edit the image to change the appearance of the subject in an unnatural way.  If additional editing requests are made such as cloning, object removal, wrinkles taken out of clothing, etc. a fee will be applied.

How many pictures should I buy?

When deciding how many images to buy consider all the uses you will have for them. You may want a casual, outgoing pose and expression for personal social media, but a more business-appropriate pose and expression for LinkedIn. If you are using the image on business cards or printed material you may need a special cropped image or a different pose. I recommend while you are having your image professionally captured to pick two images that are slightly different so you can use one for personal and another for business.

Do I need to schedule professional hair and makeup for the session?

If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own hair and makeup feel free to work with the photographer to coordinate schedules with your stylist or to get a recommendation on a local stylist. You will want to wear fresh makeup to smooth out skin tone (even if you typically don’t wear makeup) but stay away from heavy powder. Try to work with a foundation that doesn’t leave you too shiny and apply light powder. Less is more during these sessions. You want a natural look to your eye shadow and cheeks. Don’t forget your lipstick and mascara as this helps give your face a finishing touch.