Family photo with Fido?

WM-2156Many people do not consider their family portraits complete without the family pet. I certainly understand-our family loves our Chihuahua, Percy!

As a photographer, I’m experienced in working with dogs and look forward to helping clients add to the joy of their photos by helping them include their family pet.

When clients tell me they are bringing their dogs, I usually offer these tips to make the family portrait photo shoot easier for both the pooch and the family. After all, if either gets stressed it can make the photo shoot not go as well and it will be harder to get a good final result. I also tell clients that I take pictures of both children and dogs all the time, so nothing their dog does will surprise me!

Tips for getting the best out of photos with your dog

  • Let your photographer know ahead of time that you are bringing your dog to the photo shoot so they can have a “wrangler” to care for your dog when its photo is not being taken. My sons and husband have become experts at this!
  • Bring along a squeaker toy to get the dog’s attention-just like a cute stuffed toy to attract a baby’s attention, a squeaky toy gets the dog to look where we need it to look.
  • I suggest the owner bring treats that the dog likes just in case we need to motivate the dog-who doesn’t like treats? Dog treats are a positive reinforcement training tool and can be used during the photo shoot.
  • Stay calm and your dog will be calm-dogs can feel our energy and emotions. If you’re nervous about your dog’s behavior, the dog will sense that and potentially act inappropriately or be harder to handle.
  • If the photo shoot requires much walking, a hot day or a long shoot, bring some water for the dog so they aren’t panting during the shoot.
  • Bring waste bags to clean up after your dog if necessary.

Ready to include your family pet in a family photo? Let us help make your family portrait complete. Give us a call to schedule a photo shoot today!