Eagle Homes on Olive part of the tiny house movement

Did you know that a new community in Rogers has joined the ever-growing “tiny house” movement? Eagle Homes on Olive is a housing concept “built on the premise of offering a peaceful and affordable housing solution to 55 and older residents who want the pride of home ownership without the burdens associated with traditional housing.”


The tiny house movement is just that, it’s houses that have most, if not all, the amenities of a traditional-size home but on a much smaller scale. The smaller homes are easier and more affordable, both to purchase and to upkeep.

I’m friends with the owners, Dave and Chris Gallo, and was honored to take pictures of their model homes for their new website, which, like my new website, was done by Alexis Information Systems.

“Our vision is to build something together that is bigger than ourselves, and we are excited to offer peaceful and affordable living space that will improve lifestyles through freedom and flexibility,” the Gallos say on their website.


Usually, you will see many styles of professional headshots and family portraits in my portfolio but I enjoyed taking these photos for my friends! I can’t tell you enough about how important it is to have quality photos when you’re trying to sell a home.


Are you interested in learning more? Eagle Homes on Olive is hosting an open house on Saturday, July 2. Check out more information on their Facebook event invitation. In the meantime, take a look at the inside shots of these great cottage-size homes.