Why you don’t need a fancy backdrop for your NWA kids’ professional photos

If you’re anything like me, you love getting great photos of your children. I love getting pictures with props that signify their interests as they get older or in their favorite spots in Northwest Arkansas.

There is something to be said, however, about getting photographs with a simpler background. I often use basic backgrounds for professional headshots for adults and are using the same backgrounds for children photoshoots more frequently.


Why use a simple background? First, let me clarify that when I say “simple,” that’s not the same as “plain.” When I think of a simple background, I think of neutral colors without a lot of decoration or other eye-catching items. Walls, doorways, and even places with a lot of greenery fit this description. We have plenty of available non-descript backdrops throughout Northwest Arkansas but some of my favorites are in the Bentonville/Rogers area.

So, back to the original question of “why.”

A plainer background really lets your child’s entire presence standout. Their facial expressions, their clothing, and their body language will be the focus of the picture. While props and a more detailed background may create a scene and help tell a story of your child’s life, a simple background lets them be the entire focus.


Another reason to use a basic background is that it makes the picture more timeless. Instead of being a photo taken clearly in the fall or spring, or during a specific event in your child’s life, the photograph will be fitting for all uses and occasions.

I also recommend that when you’re using a simple background, that you really take advantage of its benefits by having your children do several poses with the same background. Even though it’s the same background, the tone of each picture will be unique. For example, if your child is sitting down, the ground will add some depth to the photo. Or, you can have them leaning against the wall for a completely different look.


Simple backgrounds in Northwest Arkansas

We’re fortunate in Northwest Arkansas to have plenty of fantastic backdrops for professional photos including headshots and photos of children. Some of my favorite locations include Crystal Bridges of American Art, and various locations in downtown Bentonville. Rogers also has several beautiful, simple buildings that offer perfect spots for photographs.

What other spots do you know of that offers simple backgrounds in Northwest Arkansas? Are you interested in having a timeless, beautiful photo of your child? I’d love to help you capture memories with your loved ones. Give me a call to schedule your appointment today.