Does your headshot fit your career and image?


LRP headshot career image

Northwest Arkansas is rich with different career opportunities. We have a large corporate community, educational sector, lawyers, Realtors, and many other business professionals.

What many of these professions all have in common is that the individuals in these positions need high-quality professional headshots. It’s important to realize that not “all sizes fit all” when it comes to professional headshots. Each of your headshots’ style and pose should match the image you want to portray for your career.
_MG_4894First, let’s talk about choosing poses that fit your career and desired image. Whether you’re sitting down, leaning in, crossing your arms, or another type of pose, your photographer will help you choose poses that capture your personal and professional brand.


For example, I suggest team leaders in the corporate world lean in with a big smile. It shows they are approachable, confident engaged. Definitely the type of person I would want to work for!

If you have a profession where you’re connecting closely with people and that connection is part of your work, you may want a more casual image that shows a relaxed, approachable look. This could include a teacher, blogger or therapist.

_MG_0721 (1)

Other careers such as an attorney, doctor or accountant, should usually be more serious in nature. The pose and facial expression should be serious, but still convey a sense of trustworthiness and knowledge.

_MG_3446How the image is cropped is another component of getting the perfect headshot image for your career. Whether the headshot will be used in a presentation, on a website, on a business card, or on a professional social media site, how the image is cropped could make a drastic difference in the message it sends.


For example, when choosing a picture to put on business cards, it should be mostly a close-up of the face because the picture is small. You want the person looking at the card to have ready recognition of the person who gave them the card and a close-up of the face makes that possible.WM-1465

When choosing a headshot image that will be used for LinkedIn, you will probably want to choose something that is slightly more casual because it’s or a social media site. Social situations are always more relaxed, even for the most serious of careers.



All professionals need a headshot and it’s exciting that so many opportunities exist to express a professional and personal brand. Are you ready to refresh your image? Give me a call and schedule your professional headshot photoshoot.