Creative Ways to Display Photos

I spent years scrapbooking photos of my family and have always been passionate about encouraging others to get photos off of a hard drive and onto walls, entry way tables, photo books, etc. Face it, you don’t have to be a crafty person to do something, anything with your photos. How many times do you go back through your files and look at all the photos? I’m sure if you are like most, it seems overwhelming because there are so many pictures and you may not have them archived in an easy way to get to what you want to view.

I’ve had a lot less time to scrapbook the last couple years so I’m trying to find more ways to display photos that I love without causing an appearance of clutter in my house. With the popularity of Pinterest we all now have access to super incredible crafty, creative people’s ideas. In the spirit of that, this post is written.

I was working on a post about different ways to display photos in your home and in the process found lots of resources where someone else has already put together a nice assortment of really cool ways to display photos in your home or office and I’m all about not reinventing the wheel so here are a few great resources for extremely creative ways to display photos. Stephanie and Jennifer had some of my favorite ideas so I wanted to share their content with you.

Stephanie from New Hampshire has an awesome Pinterest board for this.

Jennifer from Utah put together a fun blog post about the same topic.

Lastly, I want to share something fun I found and did for my home. I offer the most popular types of prints and framing for my business but I must admit there are other neat things I can do for clients that I don’t always share. This metal mural took a fine art image I took of the magnolia tree in my yard the day of the first bloom of spring this year to a superior level. The image is printed on 11.7 inch brushed aluminum tiles, each piece features silver snap rings and brackets for easy assembly and mounting. The smallest metal mural comes in 24×24 in size and retails for $560.




Please share your favorite ideas or Pinterest Boards with me!