Coordinating your clothes for a family portrait in Northwest Arkansas

Last weekend, Northwest Arkansas was given a breath a fresh air as almost fall-like temperatures came to the region. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the beautiful autumn colors and the cooler temperatures that fall brings. Both make for the perfect time to get that family portrait photo session scheduled!

Rich colors are fabulous against the fall colors we have in Northwest Arkansas.

Part of my recommended Family Portrait Checklist is to determine a time, date and location for the photoshoot.  Northwest Arkansas has many beautiful locations to choose from! I also discuss the idea deciding in advance what to wear. While most families no longer go towards the complete “matchy-matchy” style, I do encourage families to pick a theme or a color spectrum for everyone in the photos.

This family chose a subtle patriotic theme for their portraits and it looks great!
This family chose a subtle patriotic theme for their portraits and it looks great!

Choosing a theme or color spectrum will help bring the different components of the picture (people!) together. It gives a visual representation that you are a unit plus it prevents making any one family member stand out in a potentially awkward way by being dressed drastically different than everyone else.

What do I mean by color spectrum? I recommend that families check out to find colors that have already been paired together as complementary.  I get excited about the new color schemes each season and Fall 2016 is no different!

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Even if you don’t want to choose the color patterns for the given season, you can still find colors and shades that will go well together.

What are you waiting for? I recommend getting your fall family photoshoot scheduled sooner rather than later. Give me a call!