Choosing your Northwest Arkansas home for your family portrait photoshoot



Northwest Arkansas has countless perfect locations for your family portrait photo session but sometimes, my clients find that the perfect location for their family portraits is their own home.

I find that clients who choose their home property for their photoshoot location enjoy the decision for several reasons.


Simplified logistics

It’s the family’s property so there are no strangers who might accidentally interfere and there is no need to schedule around groups or other activities.


Comfortable space

Families also enjoy using their home as the backdrop for family portraits because they feel more comfortable in their own space. This helps solve some of the potential nervousness people feel when having their picture taken.


Enhanced memories

I also find that families enjoy using their home as a photoshoot location because it enhances the memories because they can see their family in locations that have emotional significance.


Many backdrop options

A home can provide a myriad of backgrounds from the whole family with the entire home in the background to using something simple as a wood pile or a brick wall. Your photographer can help you identify potential hidden gems in and around you home.


Variety of lighting options

You know how when you plant flowers and plants you need to know what kind of lighting you have around your home? This is also true for finding the perfect locations and times for your home-based photoshoot. Lighting and locations will affect the timing of your photoshoot so be sure to think about this in advance. I always look for natural, diffused light. Picture subjects should be able to face the light source but not be in a harsh sunlight.


Do you have a property where you want to capture memories? I’d love to talk to you about scheduling a photoshoot for your family portrait at your Northwest Arkansas home.