Child Photography | Northwest Arkansas

I recently had a fun session for some of my favorite kiddos. I want to share a few photos today and provide some thoughts on when you are taking photos to be displayed in your home. How to choose photos to group together on your wall is something I talk with my clients about frequently. At the session I had with these cuties, we discussed that all photos would be taken with the white background so as they are grouped on the wall at home, the style of photo would match. Another tip is to try and pick photos that are similar in pose without taking away from the child’s personality. For example, you may not want to display two children at full body and one child with a close up shot together. It wouldn’t look as good as it would when all three images are close ups or all three images are full body shots. These tips also apply if you are taking photos outdoors as well. You would consider choosing photos within the same type of scenery such as all trees or paths vs. one child near water and the other two near trees. There are exceptions that allows some creatively. You could style each child’s photo with a different color to provide a pop of color to your wall. Consistency is the key here; each children’s photos should be different or similar to make for the most interesting wall space. The design should be balanced on your wall. Your photographer would be considering this as he or she is taking photos of your children and can guide you as you make final selections. Below are four photos that can be grouped together on a wall that takes these two tips into consideration using the studio.





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