Celebrating your pregnancy with maternity photos

Celebrate your pregnancy with maternity photos


From the moment you found out you were pregnant, I’m sure a thousand thoughts went through your mind. I know that was certainly true for me! Throughout your pregnancy, your body and emotions will go through many changes and it’s important to capture and celebrate those changes.


I love meeting with expectant parents and planning their maternity photo shoots. Capturing the traditional photos and also deciding on a few unique poses that really lets the individual stories shine are a true honor. I often get asked to come back and get the first baby pictures after the birth. I love it!



I know from experience that being pregnant is an amazing time, but not always comfortable. I aim to help each mom feel comfortable in her own skin as she celebrates the life growing inside her and her role as mother. Moms are encouraged to do a little planning for self-care before their photo shoots. This can include using moisturizing lotion on their skin, wearing clothes that show off the baby bump, and even getting a pedicure for those fun shots of the belly and feet.



We will arrange your maternity shoot either at my Bella Vista studio, or at one of many places in Northwest Arkansas that have special meaning. I promise we’ll find a spot that is close to a restroom! Maternity shots are best planned around the 31-36 weeks when your belly is nice and round but when you still feel good.



What’s the best way to celebrate your pregnancy and birth of your baby? Are you expecting a baby now? Give me a call and we can talk about ideas for your maternity photo shoot.

OK, one more photo!

As I said, I'm often invited back to take photos of the baby once it is born! Love it!
As I said, I’m often invited back to take photos of the baby once it is born! Love it!