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Strengthening our brand in Northwest Arkansas

Linda Richards Photography Northwest Arkansas

  Here at Linda Richards Photography, we often talk about how important it is to have a focused, strong personal brand. I recently decided to strengthen the focus of my photography work on headshots and portraits and this happened to align well with my website redesign.  Many of my headshot clients are also clients for […]

Northwest Arkansas photography studio is homey

  How many of you remember the days when it was popular to get your family photos taken at a national chain photography studio? You remember—the studio where the reception area was the same as any other business type and once you got inside the studio all the backdrops were the same, generating many photographs […]

How much photoshopping is too much? Authenticity is the new photo editing trend

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen something about Cindy Crawford in the last week or so. Unretouched photos of the former super model were released (or leaked, depending on the version of the story you read). I agree with much of the Internet, that she looks fabulous. This is not the first time that […]