Capturing memories of your child heading off to college

Summer is rapidly starting to come to an end, which means that school is starting soon. For some parents, this is an extra emotional time as their kids may be heading off to college. My son, Dane, is heading off to Hendrix College today, and I have been in full photography mode in recent weeks.

With all the madness from moving, it can be hard to capture the little moments. I want to take a break from my usual blog posts about headshots and family portraits to encourage parents, especially those with a child heading off to their first steps into adulthood by going to college, to take time to capture the little moments.

From my son’s first birthday to his high school graduation, I have taken a picture that I can keep forever. It is bittersweet to look back at these pictures, but I cherish them because I know these are the best memories.

I used to scrapbook all the kids’ firsts, capturing personalities, milestones, etc. I don’t do that anymore, but I do still take all the same types of photos. With our son moving off to college, this is no exception. It is important that during our hectic life, especially for dual working parents, to pause and enjoy these moments.

I love going back and looking at photos and walking down memory lane. Here are some ideas for capturing your college-bound student whether you scrapbook or enjoy looking at photos on your phone.

In the chaos of shopping, packing up your child’s room (and trying to keep your emotions under control), remembering to snap a picture may be at the bottom of your to-do list, but it is a necessity.

Here are some ideas for capturing your college-bound student whether you scrapbook or enjoy looking at pictures on your phone.

  • Family outing/vacation-the one last hoorah before he/she moves away.
  • College dorm room shopping
  • Photos of the acceptance letter, checklist, etc. This will capture a memory and allow you to toss extra paperwork.
  • Countdown calendar – Yes, I even took a photo of that.
  • Before/After photos of their bedroom preparing for the move – Dane’s room is messy and cluttered. He is working on four groups 1) keep 2) take 3) donate 4) toss.
  • Arriving on campus/unpacking car
  • One last family selfie before leaving campus without your son/daughter

Don’t forget to frame a small family photo for your college-bound child to keep in their dorm room!

Saying goodbye to Dane is going to be tough, but I am so proud of him and cannot wait to see how he excels in college. Don’t stop capturing those precious moments of your children, no matter how old they get.

As the new school year starts, if you have an incoming senior (or even junior) contact me for their senior portraits. I can help you capture some lasting memories of their high school years.