Boudoir photography a popular Valentine’s gift

As a professional photographer, I usually only share my own work on my blog. I do not do boudoir photography, however, and this photo is from a professional stock photography site.

Photography is used to tell a story and to share a moment in time with everyone who sees it. This is true for headshot photography as well as family portrait photography. It’s also true of a unique form of photography: boudoir.

I don’t personally offer this form of photography, but wanted to share more about it as we celebrate February and Valentine’s Day. Northwest Arkansas has several wonderful options for boudoir photography!

“Boudoir” is a French word meaning a lady’s private dressing room or bedroom. In photography, boudoir generally refers to a photography style where the subject is only partially clothed or wearing lingerie. Sensuality is celebrated as natural and comfortable, no matter the clothing choice or pose.

Boudoir is rising in popularity as more people become comfortable with the idea of showing their sensual side. I think more people are also showing more interest in stylized and artistic forms of photography at the same time they are wanting more natural looking styles in headshot and family photography.

Boudoir photography is a fun gift to give. Typically, it’s women who choose to have boudoir portraits made and it’s often a gift for themselves and their significant other. A gift certificate for boudoir photography can also be a great idea because the photoshoot often includes pampering and what many consider an empowering experience!

When making your boudoir photography appointment, make sure you understand what all is included. Many photographers have access to hair and makeup stylists who can do your makeup and hair for you. They can also give you great advice on what to wear and help you capture a look that celebrates a different side of who you are. I’ve seen everything from poses in a sports jersey to some of the most beautiful lingerie. I’ve seen modern wedding boudoir portraits and vintage style boudoir poses.

The most important thing to remember during your boudoir photo session (and really, any photoshoot) is, be yourself! Also, let the photographer guide you and have fun with it.

Boudoir may not be in my usual set of photography services, but professional headshots and family portraits are! I’d love to help you capture your professional and family side in photos. Contact me today to schedule a professional photoshoot.