Baby’s First Year Photos

It is always a pleasure to photograph a baby through his or her first year. Especially when I get to know the parents while they are still expecting. I’ve said before, I tend to get attached to my clients and Baby’s First Year is no exception. My nephew was born last year and even though he lives in Texas I was still able to photograph him throughout his first year. I want to highlight his cuteness today!






It is important to document your children not only because their looks change so fast but their personality develops over time and each photograph should capture it. I frequently get asked when should parents photograph their kids, specifically their first year, and the answer is really up to you. The guide I give is to schedule a professional photography session at newborn, three months, six months, nine months and one year. Once the child turns one you can wait and schedule one session per year. Photographs can be taken with cell phones anytime but having a great quality image of your child is a precious item to have for years. The print you will get from a Photography studio will maintain the quality for your child’s lifetime.

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